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    /slideshows/homeCustom1920x739/all%20black%20background.jpg Diocese responds to lawsuit On Nov. 14, the Diocese of Austin, Bishop Joe S. Vásquez and Rev. Isidore Ndagizimana were named in a lawsuit filed in Travis County. https://www.austindiocese.org/diocese-responds-to-lawsuit _blank
    /slideshows/homeCustom1920x739/shutterstock_257895302Candles%20in%20shape%20of%20cross%20on%20wooden%20table.jpg Year of Reparation Beginning Nov. 1, 2018, the Solemnity of All Saints, we begin a year-long observance invoking the intercession of all saints in heaven to pray for us as we work to bring an end to the evil of child abuse. /year-of-reparation _self
    /slideshows/homeCustom1920x739/Web%20Banner%20A_2018.jpg http://www.austindiocese.org/csa _blank
    /slideshows/homeCustom1920x739/background_black_slider.jpg Diocese to publish names of abusers Bishop Joe S. Vásquez, joined the other 15 Texas bishops in announcing today he will publish, by Jan. 31, 2019, the names of clergy, from 1950 forward, who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing a minor. Click here to read more. https://www.austindiocese.org/diocese-of-austin-will-publish-names-of-abusers _blank
    /slideshows/homeCustom1920x739/2018%20OLG%20Slide.png https://www.austindiocese.org/olg-celebration _blank