Starting a Pro-Life Ministry

* The model above is intended to allow for communication between apostolate coordinators, the Pastor and the Diocese as well as an even distribution of responsibility within the Ministry.

Parish Pro-Life MinistryJob Descriptions

Each parish is invited to structure a Pro-Life Ministry and appoint a Pro-Life Ministry Coordinator to initiate and organize Pro-Life activities within the parish. The role of the Committee is to implement the USCCB Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities at the parish.

The pro-life "committee" at your parish will depend on the needs and available resources at your parish, and is ultimately at the discretion of the Pastor.  The above positions may not be necessary.  You or your pastor may feel there is a need for other positions, such as a secretary or treasurer.  

Work closely with your Pastor and be aware of the gifts available among the parishioners. 

Ministry Coordinator

  • Serves the Pastor and the parish, typically in a voluntary manner
  • Works in cooperation with the pastor and a Parish Pro-Life Ministry to build a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love in the parish and community
  • Implements, with the Ministry leadership, specific projects or requests sent from the diocesan level with the permission of the pastor.
  • Principal liaison with the Pastor for parish pro-life apostolate coordinators and the Diocese of Austin Office of Pro-Life Activities and Chaste Living
    • The activities and projects undertaken by a Parish Pro-Life Ministry is not decided by the Ministry Coordinator, but by the entire Ministry leadership with the final decision being made by the Pastor.  The intention of having the Ministry Coordinator be the principal liaison with the Pastor is to have simple, stream lined communication so that Pastor will be able to see all that the Ministry has to offer and make the best decision for the Parish.
  • Ministry Coordinators are highly encouraged to delegate to other members of the Ministry, but if apostolate coordinators (as listed below) are not available in the parish, than many of the duties may be accomplished by the Ministry Coordinator.  Many will require further training by the Office of Pro-Life Activities and Chaste Living

Information & Education Coordinator

  • Primarily responsible for encouraging education of the parish and community on life issues
  • May work to distribute literature, organize activities or organize approved speakers to come to their parish, often in collaboration with the Director of Religious Education, Youth Ministry or Adult Formation
  • May work collaboratively with other Information and Education Coordinators and Parish Pro-Life Ministries to bring educational opportunities to their deanery or region

Gabriel Project Coordinator

  • Primarily responsible for the organization of the Gabriel Project apostolate within the parish
  • Receive referrals from the Pro-Life Help Line and delegate those mothers to parish Gabriel Angels
  • Must be a trained Gabriel Angel to be a Gabriel Project Coordinator

Project Rachel Coordinator

  • Seeks to educate the parish on the need and opportunities for post-abortive healing
  • Promotes Project Rachel retreats and trainings for priests, counselors and spiritual directors in post-abortive healing
  • If a trained Rachel Angel, may form a Project Rachel Support Group
  • May work collaboratively with other Project Rachel Coordinators to bring a Project Rachel Support Group to their deanery or region

Sidewalk Ministry Coordinator

  • Encourages prayerful and peaceful outreach at the abortion facilities
  • Advertises prayer vigils or Sidewalk Angel trainings
  • Seeks to educate the parish on their responsibility to pray for the abortion facility that has the greatest impact on their community
  • Work with other Sidewalk Ministry Coordinators, primarily through Team Coordinators

Public Policy Coordinator

  • Primarily responsible for encouraging parishioners to take action in areas of public policy
  • Organizes post card campaigns and encourages parish participation in the Catholic Faith in Action Advocacy Day
  • Signs up parishioners for e-mail action alerts and other advocacy opportunities

Prayer & Worship Coordinator

  • Organizes and implements opportunities for the parishioners to pray on behalf of a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love, both at home and as a community
  • Encourages participation of the parish in Diocesan or regional prayer events

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Works to raise funds and donations to support of the work of the Parish Pro-Life Ministry, ideally including the parish Gabriel Project
  • If supported by the pastor, this includes working with the Diocese during the Baby Bank campaign
  • Promotes the annual collection on the Feast of the Holy Family at the parish

Ministry leaders are not the only people involved with building a Culture of Life.  You will want to keep a list of parishioners who are interested in being involved with parish or Diocesan pro-life efforts.