Spiritual Adoption Program


The Spiritual Adoption Program began and is spearheaded by the Archdiocese of Baltimore Respect Life Office.  

This can be done in a parish or school setting, with age appropriate materials.  

Participants pledge to pray for nine months for a baby in danger of abortion. This child will remain unknown to his or her 'spiritual parent', God knows who the child is. Many people have found that naming 'their child' helps to keep them focused on the reality that their prayers are helping to save a particular baby and mother from the harm of abortion.  

The Purpose of the Spiritual Adoption Program is threefold:

  1. Encourage prayer for those contemplating abortion.
  2. Educate adults and children about the development of the pre-born child.
  3. Provide mothers in need with a 'baby shower' of donated baby gifts, 'birthday party' at the conclusion of the program.


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St. Katherine of Drexel Parish in Sioux Falls, SD had given us permission to use their program:


Monthly Bulletin Announcements

Spiritual Adoption Program DAY 1: Developing Baby—“I’m here!”

At the moment the father’s sperm and mother’s egg unite a new and unrepeatable human being comes into existence, complete with his own unique set of DNA.  Although he is only one cell, everything about this little person is already present: color of eyes, blood type, the height he will grow to be, color of hair – everything!  He will play a role in his family and his community – a role only he can play!  Nothing is added after conception to make him a complete human being.  He already exists; all he needs is nourishment, a safe, warm environment, and most of all – love.  His parents don’t even know he exists yet.  Pray for them to safely bring their baby to birth so he can fulfill the mission God has for him.

Spiritual Adoption Program MONTH 1: Developing Baby—“My heart is beating!”

Your spiritually adopted baby has been quite active over the past month.  Already your baby is 10,000 times bigger than at conception.  Your baby has developed the foundations of her brain, spinal cord, and nervous system by the 20th day.   Her heart began to beat on the 21st day, pumping blood through its own circulatory system and the blood type can be different from her mother’s. Your baby is most vulnerable during the next month of being aborted.  Pray that the Lord of Life might move the heart of her mother to give her the most precious gift of all - - the gift of life.

Spiritual Adoption Program MONTH 2: Developing Baby—“I can jump!"

Your baby is making progress developing all of his external features and internal organs.  His brain is functioning at 40 days.  His mother can hear his heartbeat now on an ultrasonic stethoscope.  Baby-teeth buds are present at 6 ½ weeks.  And it has been reported that a two-month old baby can suck his thumb.  From this moment, your spiritually adopted baby grows and refines his body.  But everything he needs to survive after birth is already present by the end of the eighth week.

Spiritual Adoption Program MONTH 3: Developing Baby—“I can suck my thumb!”

Your baby is quite active in the womb now - - although her mother won’t feel her for another couple of months.  If her mother’s womb had a window, you could watch your spiritually adopted baby squint, swallow and move her tongue.  She can make a tight fist if you touch her palm.  She is breathing amniotic fluid which continues until birth, although she obtains the oxygen her body needs through the umbilical cord.  The baby you are praying for weighs one ounce.

Spiritual Adoption Program MONTH 4: Developing Baby—“I had a dream today!”

Well, your little baby now weighs six ounces.  He has fingernails and eyelashes.  He has his own unique fingerprints, which will remain the same until he dies.  His taste buds are working. His sense of hearing is developing and present at 14 weeks.  There are no major developments anymore.  At this month rapid eye movements (REMs) can be detected – a sign of dreaming.  Your spiritually adopted baby is already well-formed, internally and externally.  All he needs now is time to gain weight and grow strong.  What a miracle he is!

Spiritual Adoption Program MONTH 5: Developing Baby—“Mommy felt me kick today!”

Your spiritually adopted baby weighs over one pound now, and his mother can feel his movement.  Before this time he was too small for her to feel.  Although he swam with ease in his watery world, he needed to be big and strong enough to kick hard against the outside wall and dent it - - the inside wall of the uterus has little feeling.  We are mid-way through the pregnancy now.  Your prayers have helped your baby’s mother continue with her pregnancy and seek the help she needs.

Spiritual Adoption Program MONTH 6: Developing Baby—“I’m sitting up straight now!”

Your spiritually adopted baby is developing quite beautifully now.  Her weight is approaching 2 pounds.  She sits up straight now to accommodate her internal organs which have moved into their final place in her little body.  Babies born prematurely at this time have a very good chance of surviving.  The medical advances in caring for extremely small newborn infants are extraordinary indeed.  Don’t forget to pray for your baby.  Abortion is legal through all nine months and her mom might still feel pressure to abort.

Spiritual Adoption Program MONTH 7: Developing Baby—“I can look around!” Spiritual Adoption Program

You are in the home stretch with your spiritually adopted baby.  Beginning this month the baby uses all four senses.  He can see, hear, taste, touch, cough, yawn and hiccup.  He now recognizes his mother’s voice.  During this time he will also receive antibodies from his mother protecting him from a wide variety of diseases.

Spiritual Adoption Program MONTH 8: Developing Baby—“I like to listen to my Mommy’s voice!”

Now your spiritually adopted baby is finished developing and is concentrating on gaining weight; she might be making her mother uncomfortable with her size.  She will need a layer of fat to help her stay warm after she leaves the perfect temperature inside her mother’s womb.  For some weeks now she has recognized her mother’s voice.  In a short time, her baby will be born. Your baby’s mother appreciated the prayers you have said for her and her baby throughout the pregnancy.  It has not been easy, but your prayers have given her the grace she needed to bring her baby to term.


Your spiritually adopted baby was born this month - - nine months after her mother conceived her.  The only change at birth is a change in the external life support system of the baby.  She is no different now than she before birth except that she breathes and eats differently.  She is truly a miracle.  She began as a 46-chromosome cell and has grown over the past nine months into this unique human baby we now can see.  Never before in history, nor ever again, will anyone exist who is exactly like your spiritually adopted baby.  Your prayers saved her life.  Thank you on behalf of all of the little babies and their mothers for your loving prayers that helped to bring them to birth “so that they might have life and have it to the full!” (John 10:10)

*Information on the developing baby was taken from:  Abortion: Questions and Answers, Dr. and Mrs. John C. Wilke, © 1985, Hayes Publishing Company, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Additional information and resources can be found here (en español).