Softball Tournament

The Annual Co-ed High School Softball Tournament builds community through fun and fellowship among the youth of our diocese.The tournament will start with each team playing 2 games against randomly drawn opponents.  After all teams have completed both games, we will seed teams 1 through 12 based on overall record and run differential.  Any ties in seeding will be determined by a coin flip.  We will then play a single elimination tourney to determine the overall champion.  Depending on the number of tournament teams some of the higher seeds may receive a bye.  Home and visitor status throughout the tournament will be determined by the higher seed always being the home team. (ie. If the 2 seed and 6 seed play, the 2 seed will be “Home” and the 6 seed will be “Visitors”).


Date: July 30, 2017

Location: Krieg Softball Complex

               515 Pleasant Valley Road

               Austin, TX 78741

Cost: $175 per team: Each parish is allowed to have a maximum of two teams

Space is limited to 12 teams! 

Checks Payable to: Diocese of Austin

Mail to:

Diocese of Austin attn: YYACM softball

6225 Highway 290 East

Austin, TX 78723




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