Welcome!  These pages contain resources for all clergy, parish stewardship councils and parish leadership groups in their efforts to educate and inspire their community about the Stewardship way of life. The Office of Stewardship and Development provides support, stewardship education presentations, stewardship committee formation training and assistance with planning time, talent and treasure annual renewals.

Who We Serve: 

  • All 127 parishes, or faith communities, in 25 counties in Central Texas.
  • All Catholic Elementary and High Schools
  • All Clergy, Catholic Agencies and Parish and School Leadership

What We Provide:

  • Individual parish consultation to assist with programming, planning and committee development
  • Training for Stewardship Renewal 
  • Stewardship resources and materials
  • National Stewardship conference opportunities
  • Planning for capital campaigns, major gifts, planned giving and endowment management
  • Conferences, workshops and presentations for clergy and laity