Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaigns

In the life of a parish, school or service organization, it is often necessary to conduct a capital campaign.  A capital campaign is a concentrated effort to raise significant funding over a relatively short period of time.  Capital campaigns are usually conducted for one or more of the following reasons:

  • capital improvements or renovations
  • new building projects
  • debt reduction
  • an endowment fund
  • program and ministry enhancements

All capital campaigns in the Diocese of Austin must by approved by the Bishop, Finance Office, Facilities Office and Stewardship and Development Office.  The Stewardship and Development Office is available to consult with parishes throughout all stages of their capital campaign planning.

The first step towards a capital campaign is a feasibility study. An outside consulting firm should conduct the feasibility study.  After study of the current situation and interviews with members of the community, a feasibility report will indicate:

  • if there is adequate support for the proposed project;
  • if the project should possibly be scaled back or expanded; and
  • what the best goals and timeline would be for the capital campaign.

Because of the complexity of conducting capital campaigns, it is strongly recommended that all diocesan organizations retain the services of a professional capital campaign consultant to conduct a successful capital campaign.

Any parish or school interested in conducting a capital campaign or feasibility study, should contact Scott Whitaker to arrange a meeting:

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