Special Needs: Catechetical Resources


All baptized persons with disabilities have a right to adequate catechesis and deserve the means to develop a relationship with God.



  • Catechesis for persons with disabilities must be adapted in content and method to their particular situations.

  • Specialized catechists should help them interpret the meaning of their lives and give witness to Christ's presence in the local community in ways they can understand and appreciate. (NDC Guidelines)

  • "Great care should be taken to avoid further isolation of persons with disabilities through these programs which, as far as possible, should be integrated with the normal catechetical activities of the parish." (Pastoral Statement of U.S. Catholic Bishops on Persons with Disabilitites, 25)

  • Catechetical efforts should be promoted by diocesan staffs and parish committees that include persons with disabilities."  (Cf. Welcome and Justice for Persons with Disabilities, 2)


Diocese of Austin Prayer Book in Braile

New! Our prayer books are now available in braile. They are now in inventory and ready to ship.

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Program

A comprehensive religion curriculum designed to help parents and catechists in their task of teaching special children and adults about the Catholic faith. The program may be used in a variety of religious education settings: parish religious education, either in an inclusive classroom or in a specialized setting. (Available in English and Spanish) website

Loyola Press Adaptive Preparation Kits

Adaptive Preparation Kits for Confirmation, Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Designed to help individuals with autism and other special needs enter fully into the faith experience, prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation, and live their lives as participating members of the Catholic Church. website

Adaptive Finding God Program: A faith formation program for children with special needs adapted to a variety of settins and situations. website

National Catholic Office for the Deaf

Strengthened in Faith: Confirmation a Sacramental Preparation in American Sign Language (DVD)

Liturgical Prayers in American Sign Language (DVD)

Sacrament of Reconciliation in American Sign Language (DVD)

Policy for Working with Sign Language Interpreters in Catholic Religious Settings

Principles for Understanding Deaf Ministry and Guidelines for Hiring Pastoral Ministers for the Deaf Community

University of Dayton

Inclusive Catechesis Resources

National Apostolate for Inclusion Ministry

Tips for Working with Children and Teens with Special Needs

Sacramental Themes and Learning Styles that list suggestions on how to teach the theme in a visual, auditory or kinesthetic manner.


Ligouri Publications

Handbook for Adaptive Catechesis: Serving Those with Special Needs

Other Resources

Autism and Faith

Faith Formation Parent Interview

Parent/Caregiver Faith Formation Questionnaire

Help Your Child's Catechist Get to Know Your Child with Special Needs

Creating Meaningful Faith Formation Opportunities for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders Worksheet

Getting to Know the Person: Parent Conversation Questions

Individualized Religious Education Program Form — Blank

Individualized Religious Education Program Form — Sample