Pro-Life Helpline

What is the Diocesan Pro-Life Helpline?

The number for the Diocesan Pro-Life Helpline – 1-877-WE-CARE2 – is advertised throughout the diocese for those who are experiencing a difficult pregnancy and are need of assistance (Gabriel Project) as well as for those suffering from a past abortion (Project Rachel).  Trained volunteers, called Helpline Angels, provide a listening ear to the callers and offer referrals to meet their needs.  Referrals may be for physical, spiritual, or practical (material) assistance & include referrals to Parish Gabriel Projects, Gabriel Project Life Centers of Catholic Charities, and Project Rachel.

  • Help build a Culture of Life from your own home by becoming a Helpline Angel!


  • Forward the Diocesan Pro-Life Helpline number to your home phone or cell phone and provide assistance to those in need.

  • Retrieve messages from your home phone or cell phone left on the Diocesan Pro-Life Helpline.

To become a Helpline Angel you will need to...

  • Attend a Gabriel Project Training

  • Attend a two-hour Helpline Angel Training at a time and location of your convenience

  • Complete Ethics in Ministry Certification

  • Answer the helpline and return messages for one shift each week

  • Listen compassionately to callers and provide nonjudgmental and compassionate support

  • Gather information from the callers and refer them to Gabriel Project, Project Rachel, the Gabriel Project Life Center, or other community resources

  • Keep a Helpline Log and maintain contact with Pastoral Care Coordinator as needed

Contact (512) 949-2488 or the Pastoral Care Coordinator to learn more about volunteering!