Recent Abortion

If you have just had an abortion, there are some things you should know.

Your feelings ….

Shock, Numbness and Anger. Perhaps you thought afterwards your life would return to the way it was before. And now that it has not, maybe you feel betrayed by those you trust the most.
Relieved.  The pressure of making a decision and the pressure from others is over. Feeling relieved is normal.

Confused and Conflicted.  Feelings of confusion are normal after a physically and emotional traumatic experience.  Perhaps, you went along with the flow of your circumstances and chose without really choosing.  Your experience is not something insignificant.

Take care of yourself …

Physically.  You experienced something unnatural and your hormones are changing rapidly.  Eat properly and get plenty of extra sleep.  Follow-up with your regular doctor as needed, and watch for fever or unusual pain.

Emotionally.  Talk about your experience and your feelings with someone who will listen and not just tell you to “get over it” or “put it behind you.”

Remember . . .

You are important.  Your close family and friends may not want to hear about your experience.  Perhaps the father is pretending that nothing has happened.  People might expect you to just go on as if nothing has happened.  But something has happened, something significant, and you know it.  Don’t pretend it hasn’t.  You are important.

Next Steps …

Listen to your heart. Those around you may tell you to forget about your abortion, and you find that you can’t.  Perhaps you feel fine one minute and the next your conflicted feelings return. Short and long-term reactions include sadness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, isolation, loss of trust, numbness, anniversary reactions, grief, guilt and shame.

Be prepared to deal with feelings in a healthy way.  Be aware of the temptation to drink/ drug/sleep/eat your pain away.  It won’t work, and it will hurt you. Instead, talk to someone you can trust to listen, or call Project Rachel to talk.

Remember, God loves you.  Abortion may be something you never thought you would do, and you wonder, “How did I get here?”  Ask that question to God.  He wants to restore you, and restore your lost relationships.

Contact Project Rachel today at 1-866-WeCare2 or to share, request literature, or ask about our programs.  The Lord desires to give you peace.