Support, Retreats, & Small Groups

Phone Support

Call Project Rachel (1-877-WeCare2) and someone will listen.  We want to experience hope and healing through our support.  God never stopped loving you and He wants you to have peace and joy.  Whether you call about a contemplated or a past abortion, of your own or of someone else, we will be happy to talk with you.

Rachel Angels, Priests, and Counselors

Project Rachel Angels, priests and counselors understand the aftermath of abortion.  They know what you have been going through, and they know how to help.


Several times a year, we have retreats for people who have been suffering from abortion.  The date of our next retreat is:  

 July 29-31, 2016

September 24, 2016 - New One Day-Retreat (Sat. Only) 

Ocotber 28-30, 2016         

Rachel Retreats offer a beautiful opportunity for healing to any woman or man who has struggled with the emotional or spiritual pain of an abortion.

The retreat is a chance to get away from the daily pressures of work and family, to focus on a painful time in life and to begin healing in a supportive and non-judgmental process.

Spiritual exercises focusing on God's forgiveness, compassion and mercy are shared which help participants work through repressed grief and anger that may exist.

Many preconceived fears of condemnation are transformed into blessings; memories of abandonment, pain, and confusion are replaced with peace and reconciliation.


Project Rachel offers groups that guide a person through the basic steps of recovery.  Meeting once a week for a few weeks, people can share and bond more closely as they walk the path of God’s healing.

If you are interested in attending a group session, please contact us today.

We are here to help you. Contact us today at or 
1-877-WeCare2  to begin your healing journey.