Start a Parish Gabriel Project

Starting a Parish Gabriel Project

  • Obtain permission from your pastor

  • Host a Gabriel Project Training at parish or attend a local Gabriel Project Training

  • Designate a Gabriel Project Coordinator, Gabriel Project Angels, and Gabriel Project Members

  • Purchase a Sign of Life

  • Collect maternity and baby items

The Finances of a Parish Gabriel Project

  • The largest initial expense (approximately $175) is the Gabriel Project Sign.  The Knights of Columbus, a donor at the parish or the Baby Bank Campaign may be able to assist with the cost.

  • The Gabriel Project is not intended to be a financial burden on the parish but the pastoral and finance councils should be informed of the financial needs of the Gabriel Project.

  • Baby and maternal items for the moms are donated by parishioners generally through parish bulletins announcing needs or a parish baby shower.

  • Each pastor will need to decide whether the Gabriel Project will provide assistance with rent, utility and medical bills for moms.

  • Training materials, prayer books, Mother and Baby Books, intake forms and plastic rosaries are provided through the Office of Pro-Life Activities.

The Role of the Parish Gabriel Project Coordinator

  • Oversees the organization of the Parish Gabriel Project under the direction of the pastor and the assistance the Pastoral Care of the Office of Pro-Life Activities.

  • Inspires, motivates and encourage Gabriel Angels and might become personally involved with some Gabriel Moms.

  • Coordinates human and material resources as compassionate leader.

  • Hosts Parish Gabriel Project meetings.

  • Serves as a liaison to other parish service ministries.

  • Assigns Gabriel Moms who call the Diocesan Pro-Life Help to Parish Gabriel Angels.

The Role of the Parish Gabriel Angel

  • Mentors and gives the love of Christ to the pregnant mothers in need of spiritual, emotional, and material support through regular face to face meetings.

  • Establishes initial contact with assigned Gabriel Mom.

  • Prays for Gabriel Mom and encourage her at every stage of her journey.

  • Keeps the Parish Coordinator informed about the well being of Mom and child.

  • Asks the local and parish communities for specific items or services on behalf of Mom.

To learn more starting a Parish Gabriel Project, please email the Pastoral Care Coordinator or call 512-949-2488.