Substitute Teacher

St. Michael's Catholic Academy
Contact Name: 
Paula Lopez
Email Address:
Phone Number: 
(512) 328-2323
Job Description: 

In the absence of the regular classroom teacher provides meaningful instruction and helps students to learn subject matter and/or skills that are required for scheduled lessons


Primary responsibilities include but are not limited for the position to:

• Report to front desk at beginning of school day to receive schedule of classes and materials and at the end of the school day to return materials as necessary.
• Carry out a program of study prescribed in the lesson plans left by the classroom teacher.
• Guide the learning process toward the achievement of curriculum goals and objectives as indicated in the lesson plans for the lessons, units, or projects assigned.
• Employ instructional methods, strategies, and materials that are most appropriate for meeting lesson objectives.
• Maintain a neat and orderly classroom and/or learning space.
• Take and report attendance in accordance with school procedures.
• Ensure that students are never left unsupervised in the classroom.
• Interact with students and staff in a professional and appropriate manner and provide general supervision while on campus.
• Know and adhere to emergency evacuation routes for the classrooms assigned.
• Know and adhere to procedures for referring students who are disciplinary problems.
• Know and adhere to technology acceptable use policy.
• Spend the entire class period working with and for the students. No personal or other work of any kind should be done.
• Leave the regular classroom teacher a summary report about how the day went; student and class progress regarding lesson objectives.
• Dress professionally, work collaboratively with other members of the school staff and parents, and uphold all school policies of St. Michael’s Catholic Academy.
• Perform other related duties as directed by the Director of Academics or Substitute Coordinator.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

Required Experience, Degree and Skills:
- Must have a Bachelor’s Degree
- Positive attitude towards students, staff and faculty
- Strong interpersonal skills and effective communication (written and verbal)
- Exceptional organization, time management and prioritization skills

How to Apply: 

Send all resumes and cover letters to