House Parent

Our Lady of the Angels Maternity Shelter
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Job Description: 

A house parent is a person who's priority is to advocate for the moms and children we house. It entails being a supportive person for the mom, transporting them to doctor appointments, help with life skills education such as parenting classes, and other things that help to improve their pregnancy or parenting situation so they can better care for themselves and their children.


• Present themselves as a Christian mentor to residents while maintaining house rules and guidelines of the Shelter and exhibit positive parenting skills.
• Oversee the daily operation, labor, and management of the Shelter (e.g. repairs, cleanliness, expenses, safety features, security, and improvements).
• Acquire items necessary for daily living and function of household (e.g. groceries, toiletries, cleaning products).
• Plan meals, create and implement a system for basic food preparation by assigning and scheduling a resident’s responsibilities.
• Maintain schedule of Shelter duties for residents to accomplish as time, health and practicality permit.
• Assist in providing and coordinating transportation to necessary appointments and worship services for the residents (transportation to jobs and school may be included if resident is unable to procure other means).
• Coordinate with Administrator the implementation of Service Plan for residents.
• Coordinate with Administrator weekly review or evaluation system for resident’s Service Plan.
• Provide opportunities for spiritual growth through regular prayer time, attendance at church, scripture reflection, and utilization of the resource library.
• Organize family outings and/or work with local churches and community resources to provide social activities.
• Attend and participate in the local parish community.
• Attend staff meetings and board meetings when requested.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

Capable of providing leadership and spiritual guidance to each of the women according to her specific needs.

Minimum Qualifications: 

• Qualified on the basis of their abilities and personal character to work with expectant mothers and to serve as part of a team;
• Over 25 years of age or supervised by a staff member who meets the requirements;
• A High School graduate;
• Qualified with one year of experience involving supervision of teens or young adults; or practical experience in working with at risk groups i.e. pregnant teens, women in crisis, Gabriel Project Angel
• Committed to the pro-life perspective;
• Able to provide evidence of financial responsibility and be relatively free of debt;
• Capable of maintaining a neutral stance on the question of adoption vs. parenting the child

How to Apply: 

Please email your resume to