Director of Music Ministries:

Job Description: 

The goals for the Director of Music Ministries:
• With the cooperation and assistance of all the parish ministers, the Music Director will support the gospel message through song and challenge the worshipers to live it more fully.Build and sustain congregational songs at the Saturday 5:00 p.m. Liturgy; and at the Sunday 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 am Liturgies. Foster active participation at the liturgy through congregational singing, reflective and prayerful execution of instrumental and choral/solo musical selections.
• Evaluate current musical resources and traditions, and eventually adjust them
according to the ministerial vision of the parish and pastor.
• Help the parish grow in its understanding and appreciation of the various musical styles and the role of music in the liturgy.


Duties and Responsibilities
• Responsible for all music associated with worship, religious education, and evangelization in the parish.
• Responsible for coordinating and staffing all other liturgies with competent musicians, utilizing other musicians as necessary.
• Coordinate all musicians (guitar, bass, wind instruments, etc.) and ensure quality of musical performance during masses at which these people minister.
• Plan and execute the music at all weekend liturgies, as well as special celebrations, holy days of obligation, communal sacramental celebrations - Confirmation, First Communions, Reconciliation, Prayer Services as needed, Weddings, Funerals, Choir Rehearsals.
• Work with those involved in the preparation of parish liturgies
• Consult with the DRE, Youth and other staff in the preparation of liturgies for children.
• Design/Print special worship aids as needed including any additional music not found in the parish hymnal.
• Recruit and coordinate special volunteer musicians for Christmas and Holy Week/Easter celebrations, as well as conduct rehearsals and arrange music as necessary for these musicians.
• Ensuring all copyright licensing and usage reporting to the major music publishers (GIA, OCP, WLP, CCLI).
• Maintain and expand current Music Library.
• Communicate with volunteers of the Parish Music Ministry by providing calendars and informational messages of upcoming events.
• Execute management and effective utilization of sound system in the church.
• Serve as resource on musical and liturgical matters for all staff, faculty, and volunteer ministers in the parish, as well as provide catechesis to the parish on matters of corporate worship and musical celebration.
• Develops and administers the budget for the liturgical music of the parish.
• Participate in Liturgy Committee Meetings, attend Diocesan Meetings pertaining to Liturgical Music, and Pastoral Staff Meetings.
• Directs a comprehensive program for the parish liturgical environment, including church/seasonal decorating, managing liturgical supplies, and care of altar linens/vestments.
• Oversees coordination of lay liturgical ministers, including recruiting, training and scheduling lectors, Eucharistic ministers, altar servers, sacristans and hospitality ministers.
• Coordinates, supports and trains Eucharistic Ministers of the Homebound and Hospitalized; and helps find substitutes for current ministers and (regularly) communicates with ministers on new patients, etc
• Supports the various ministries involved when a funeral arises to help families in their preparations for their loved ones.
• Other duties as deemed appropriate and necessary by the pastor.

Minimum Qualifications: 

• Bachelor’s Degree in Music or a related field required
• Proficient on piano, conducting, and singing
• Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Publisher, other programs as needed.
• Exemplary communication skills (working well with adults and children as well as high school students)
• Ability to improvise on keyboard instruments as well as reading music
• Knowledge of Catholic liturgy, including liturgical documents and music resources
• Musical knowledge and styles including standard modern
Catholic music, traditional hymns, and Praise & Worship style of music
• Working knowledge of basic sound system functions
• 3-5 years’ work experience preferred
• Detail oriented, with strong communication, organizational skills
• Abide by the Ethics & Integrity Program in the Austin Diocese
• Background Check required

How to Apply: 

Please email or fax your cover letter and resume to or fax number (254) 773-3710.