Dining Hall Staff

St. Michael's Catholic Academy
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Job Description: 

The school seeks an experienced Dining Hall Staff employee who is involved in the community and dedicated to carrying out the mission of the school. This position is a full time, nonexempt staff position. The employee will work for 12 months of the year. The hired employee will report to Latwanya Griffin, Dining Hall Manager. The Dining Hall Staff employee will assist with food service. They will help to cook meals for breakfast and lunch and any school functions as required.


Primary responsibilities include but are not limited for the position to:
- Prepare daily food items, using proper food handling techniques
- Serve food according to the specific time and date logs and proper food temperatures
- Cleans and sanitizes work areas, utensils and equipment according to sanitation guidelines
- Inspect food items/supplies for the purpose of verifying quality and quantity
- Monitor kitchen and cafeteria areas for the purpose of ensuing a safe and sanitary working environment.
- Report equipment malfunctions for the purpose of notifying manager of need of repair and or replacement
- Stocking of coolers, candy, tea , coffee, and snack displays
- Stocking of all serving utensils; including forks, knives, spoons, cups, and napkins
- Cashier
- Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

- ServSafe Certificate is required
- Must have 2 years experience
- Must be able to stand constantly or walk for extended periods of time
- Requires the ability to lift up to 50 pounds
- Requires the ability to bend, reach, lift, carry, twist, push, pull and handle equipment when performing duties. Repetitive wrist/arm movements when serving
- Requires coordination to serve food and handle dishes/ trays with agility and speed
- Requires ability to reach and operate equipment and systems safely and effectively
- Requires ability to work in warm to hot and humid conditions
- Requires ability to understand and follow both written and verbal instructions
- Adaptability to perform routine, repetitive tasks within a specific period of time
- Exceptional organization, time management and prioritization skills
- Positive attitude towards students, staff and faculty

How to Apply: 

Send all resumes and cover letters to  csssmca.sentrichr.com