Coordinator of Youth Ministry

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Dianne Barbosa
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Job Description: 

The Coordinator of Youth Ministry will be capable of administrating programs and events related to middle school and high school Youth Ministry in addition to formulating and directing a comprehensive sacramental preparation program specific to confirmation. These responsibilities are executed in conjunction with the goals, objectives, and policies determined by the Pastor and the Diocese of Austin. This position will work collaboratively with and under the direction of the Associate Pastor to ensure the needs of the youth served at St. Elizabeth are met. This person will be a professional, full-time salaried member of the parish staff and should be experienced in the areas of lay ministry, catechetical education, formation, and youth ministry. Ideally, this person holds an undergraduate or graduate degree in theology, religious education, pastoral ministry, or a related field. Bilingual capa-bilities are highly encouraged but a willingness to include all parishioners is required.

The Coordinator of Youth Ministry is expected to perform daily tasks with limited supervision. How-ever, it is also expected that this position will regularly consult and have contact with the Associate Pastor concerning the curriculum and overall direction of the program.


General Responsibilities:

❖ Formulate programs encompassing the vision, values, goals and objectives of comprehensive youth ministry as defined by the USCCB and the Diocese of Austin
❖ Produce and manage direct service programming for middle school and/or high school youth
❖ Formulate and direct a comprehensive Sacrament preparation program specific to confirmation
❖ Provide leadership / direction for the parish on matters pertinent to comprehensive Youth Ministry
❖ Consult and collaborate with other ministries regarding catechesis, programming, training and resources
❖ Represent the Parish at local, regional, and national meetings, conferences and seminars relating to youth ministry
❖ Other tasks as assigned by supervisor
Specific Responsibilities:

Direct Service to Youth
• Plan, organize and implement parish level opportunities and events for middle school and/or high school youth to socialize, worship, learn and serve (i.e.: catechesis, retreats, rallies, community building, service projects, sports programs, etc…) as defined in Renewing The Vision
• Coordinate the response of the entire faith community to the needs of young people.
• Develop a sense of collaboration, teamwork and community among the youth ministry and parish community
• Develop, communicate, implement and evaluate a parish vision of youth ministry
• Coordinate comprehensive youth ministry programs within the parish (retreats, youth group meetings, Religious Education, etc.)
• Prepare and implement a program specific to Confirmation including the High School Re-treat
• Coordinate classes, catechists, facilitators, and volunteers for the Youth Ministry Programs
• Assist and collaborate with the DRE regarding catechesis, programming, training and re-sources that will benefit the parish youth
• Collaborate with local, diocesan and regional organizations in providing supplemental pro-gramming

Direct Service to Parents and Volunteers
• Provide clear communication to parents regarding programs/events/activities, and create a welcoming environment in the Religious Education offices
• Foster parent participation and involvement in the ongoing faith formation of their adolescent children by providing resources and support as needed
• Recruit, train, and support adult volunteers and youth leaders
• Pastoral and professional care of adult volunteers and youth leaders working in youth min-istry
• Provide ongoing training and support for leaders and volunteers in including but not limited to opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual development
• Coordinate training and education relevant to certification for adult volunteers including Eth-ics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) compliance

Administrative Responsibilities
• Formulate and administer an annual budget in collaboration with the Pastor/ Associate Pas-tor/ Book Keeper / Business Manager
• Manage the activities and responsibilities of volunteers and other staff related to Youth Min-istry
• Coordinate, plan, and execute fund raising activities to benefit the youth ministry and its purpose through parish and community activities
• Coordinate with Business Manager for use of buildings and equipment to support the Youth Ministry programs
• Advise Business Manager and maintenance department of issues encountered with use and maintenance of facility equipment
• Prepare reports of deposits and expenses derived from fundraising and/or other activities
• Communicate to parish community youth ministry events through website, bulletin, and so-cial media
• Attend scheduled staff meetings and other events as needed

Minimum Qualifications: 

Specific Qualifications:
❖ Must be a fully initiated and practicing Catholic who lives their faith in accord with Catholic morality and teaching
❖ Must possess a background or degree in theology, religious education, pastoral ministry, or related field (Significant ministry experience will be taken into consideration.)
❖ Possess at least four (4) years of relevant and documented experience in Youth Ministry or a related field
❖ Possess working knowledge of Vatican II theology and current Church doctrine in addition to working knowledge of the USCCB document Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry
❖ Possess the skills, abilities, and experience for effective teaching of methodologies and catechesis
❖ Literacy in commonly utilized computer programs (i.e.: Word, Publisher, Excel, Power Point, etc.)
❖ Possess bilingual capabilities in Spanish and English and/or the willingness to include and reach out to all parishioners with Youth Ministry Programs

How to Apply: 

To be considered for this position, please send, in PDF format, Resume, Cover Letter and 3 references to: by 5:00 pm, June 9, 2017.