Cedarbrake Rates and Reservations

Cedarbrake Rates and Reservations as of January 1, 2014

Rates are subject to change with 90 days prior notification.

Usage of facilities is determined by Cedarbrake on the basis of the size of the group and availability of the facilities.

Reservations muct be made no later than 24 hours in advance.

Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance or a portion of your payment will be retained to pay our costs.

To make reservations, call (254) 780-2436 or cedarbrake@austindiocese.org.

Rates and Reservation Policies

These rates include linens but do not include meals.

Time Period

Diocesan Rates Per Person

Non-Diocesan Rates Per Person






Suite (one available as a single room with kitchen and living room)


$55 per night


$60 per night

Week-end (2 nights) Fri. evening -Sunday afternoon

$80 per weekend per person

$100 per weekend

$90 per weekend per person

$110 per weekend

Weekday (1 night) Monday through Thursday

$40 per night per person

$50 per night

$45 per night per person

$55 per night

Day Use





Catholic/High School Youth Groups: $30 per person for weekend (2 nights), for exclusive use of the Lodge; bring their own sleeping bags. Rates include availability of audio/visual and sports equipment.

Building Use Charges

Exclusive Use of...

Diocesan Rates
(Per Day)

Non-Diocesan Rates
(Per Day)

Maximum Capacity





Conference Center




Small Conference Room




Small Conference Room with Dining Room




Mary Lounge/Kitchenette




Joseph or Sarah Lounge/Kitchenette




Columbus, St. Gertrude or St. Francis Lounge/Kitchenette




Msgr. Driscoll Hall

$300 $350 40
St. Teresa of Avila House Please contact us about rates    

Spiritual Direction is available and donations to Cedarbrake are appreciated.