Catholic Scouting


+ Scout Sunday is Sunday, February 8, 2015 +

Scout Sunday is a long-standing tradition in Scouting that:

  • Increases awareness in houses of worship of the benefits of Scouting
  • Strengthens the association between Scout values and Catholic virtues


It is TIME right now for YOU to:

  • Secure approval from your pastor
  • Work with your Parish Planning Committee or Liturgical Coordinator
  • Coordinate activities with the various packs or troops associated with your parish
  • Advertise the event
  • Select Scouts to serve as EMHCs, altar servers, lectors, gift bearers, musicians, and singers
  • Create displays that promote Scouting
  • Have a LARGE presence of uniformed Scouts at every Mass


For more information:

NCCS Scout Sunday PDF

Thank you to everyone who attended our successful Scout Recognition Mass September 27! 




Catholic Scouters,

Over the past few months, the Austin Diocese Committee on Catholic Scouting (DCCS) has received many questions about the BSA membership policy change and what that means for us as Catholic Scouters. We were able to answer many of the questions, but I am even more pleased that we now have a FAQs sheet from the National Committee on Catholic Scouting. 

To view the FAQ sheet, see the National Committee on Catholic Scouting's Frequently Asked Questions Regarding BSA's Youth Membership Standard.

I encourage all Catholic Scouters to read this document. As the Austin DCCS, we intend to follow a path that is always faithful to our Catholic moral teachings and that always gives respect to every human person. The answers in this document are a good guide to that path. 

May God continue to bless your ministry of Catholic Scouting. 

In Christ,

Rev. Matthew Kinney

Diocesan Chaplain for Catholic Scouting



Diocese of Austin Girl 
Scouts Resource Packet


Calendar of Events



13 December 2014

DCCS Meeting – 10 a.m.  – Pastoral Center – OLG Room

Opportunity for Board of Reviews at Noon

~Please request BoR to by 1 December

8 February 2015

Scout Sunday ~ Start preparing NOW!


The purpose of the Austin Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting (DCCS) is to provide Catholic Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and members of other similar organizations continued education in the Catholic Faith and support the growth of Catholic scouting units in these organizations.

Youth are invited to earn age-appropriate Religious Emblems by completing a formation program including a workbook. Upon completion of the program they are invited to attend a Recognition Mass and receive their medal from Bishop Joe Vasquez.

We also have a variety of Religious Activities including RetreatsRosary Patches and the Footsteps of the Saints programs that youth (scouts/non-scouts, catholic/non-catholic) throughout the year.

Leaders For the safety of our children, all volunteers in the Diocese of Austin are required to attend an Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) workshop and complete an online volunteer application and background check.  This is in addition to the training required by your girls/boys scouting organization.  All scouts in 7th grade and above who seek to earn their religious emblem must work with a trained religious emblem counselor.  To complete this training, a counselor must attend a retreat.  There they will receive their Religious Emblem Counselor (REC) training and their Lay Apostolate Formation (LAF) training.