Year of Faith


Ideas to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King liturgies:

Celebrate the cultural diversity present in the parish

Highlight what the parish did for the Year of Faith

Remove the Year of Faith Banner(s)

Renew baptismal promises

Catechize the faithful on the meaning of the final blessing at the end of Mass

In solidarity with Pope Francis, parish communities could celebrate the Rite of Acceptance into the Order of the Catechumenate on the Feast of Christ the King. This could serve as a sign that, as the Year of Faith has come to an end, what continues is the commitment of every Christian to respond daily to the Lord Jesus, who calls us to be his disciples, sent into the world to announce the Gospel and to bear witness to the joy of a life lived in faith.

The Catechesis of Pope Francis to the Catechumens will be on the meaning of a new life in Christ and of discipleship taken from the Gospel of John 1:35-42.


What to do with the Year of Faith Banners:

The Year of Faith banners were blessed by Bishop Vásquez and may not be thrown away. The list provides a number of options available for the disposal of the blessed banners:

  1. Keep the banner and continue to hang it in a prominent place.
  2. Many parish communities support a Boy Scout troop. The scouts have a special ceremony for the disposal of an old American flag. The ceremony can be adapted for the disposal of the banner.
  3. Return the banner to the Diocesan Pastoral Center.
  4. Archive the banner with other parish memorabilia.



The Year of Faith in Review

When the Year of Faith began last October, parishes throughout the diocese planned activities and celebrations to implement this special year. Parishioners attended adult education classes on the Catechism, the Second Vatican Council and other subjects to learn more about their faith. As the Church continues with the last two months of the Year of Faith, we would like to know what you participated in this year. In addition, we would like to know how you plan to continue the spirit of the Year of Faith when it concludes on November 24th.

Pope Benedict’s hope was always that we would learn more about Catholic faith, have a desire to want to learn more and then share it with others, especially with Catholics who no longer practice their faith.

Please submit your story by filling out our online form.


Around the Diocese - Year of Faith Stories:


St. Catherine of Siena Parish - Austin

St. Catherine's Biblical Village, part of their Year of Faith celebration


St. John and St. Mary parishes in Fayetteville and Ellinger


Ascension Catholic Church -  Bastrop

We offered many opportunities to renew our committment to the faith with special attention to deepening our knowledge and understanding of the teachings of the Church as well as increasing our love for the Eucharist:

1)"Awakening Faith" by the Paulists in order to reach out to fallen away Catholics
2)Quarterly "Faith Connection" potluck speaker series with a focus on conversion and healing
3)Bilingual retreat on the Catechism with Father Leon Strieder
4)"Catholicism" DVD series with Father Robert Barron
5)Sunday scripture studies for Men, Women, and Hispanic ministries
6)3 day Lenten Mission/Mision Cuaresmal on "God's Will" presented by Deacon Bill Hobby, Anna Marie Hernandez, Tessy Dorantes and Karen Shirk with an introduction to "Lectio Divina".
7)"Living in Eucharist/Viviendo en la Eucaristia" lenten study by the Paulist
8)"Catholism 101" DVD series by Jeff Cavins with a focus on the Catechism and Church documents
9)"A quick Journey through the Bible" DVD series with Jeff Cavins

We also identified area's needing improvement in the way we serve the poor and other needs in our parish and in our community:
1). Created a benevolent fund
2). Introduced new ministries: St Elizabeth Ann Seton support group, and a Prolife ministry
3) Created a new Hispanic Committee and built up new strong leaders
4) Participated in a "Public Rosary Rally" for America Needs Fatima
5)The Sandwich Ministry increased efforts to serve the poor by not only serving 200 sandwiches monthly but now serving fresh foods weekly.

The Holy Spirit has truely transformed our parish this year and we give thanks to our priests,volunteers, and ministries who give not only of their time but give of their hearts more fully in loyalty and in love to God and for his people. The fruits of this year will continue to expand our hearts for a hopeful future and enable us to bear life-giving witness to all.


St. Thomas More

We took the 4 sections of the catechism as our focus for the Year of Faith (Know, Celebrate, Live, and Pray). Through out the year the parish was invited to walk this journey by:
1) Writing our personal Year of Faith goals on a commitment card in mass on our kick off weekend. (During this Year of Faith, the next step on my faith journey will be...). Half the card was kept by the person the other half was left to be used as a reminder through out the year. RE children also used the commitment cards in their classes and they were displayed in the RE building.
2) Displays in church at beginning of each focus time used the commitment cards to remind people of their goals and invited response to a new question.
3) Weekly reflections based on the US Catechism focus were written by our Adult Faith Formation team and appeared in the bulletin, website, and were given to ministry leaders and the home bound as a prayer resource.
3) Developed a Year of Faith website where people could find resources.
3) Used a Year of Faith prayer as concluding prayer for petitions at masses in prayer focus.
4) Shared 1/2 page introductions to various prayer in back of church, on website, and with Adult Faith Formation studies.
5) Hosted parish events for the focus times (Q&A with pastor on sacraments, Panel Discussion on Living the Faith).
6) Banners for each of the focus times (pray, celebrate, live, know) hung on the pillars around the baptismal font and the Year of Faith banner on church through out the year.
7) Will close with a special prayer of blessing at the masses during the wrap up weekend.


St. John Neumann

During the Year of Faith, St. John Neumann has done a variety of faith building through the year. In RE we gathered during the year and talked about the Year of Faith and how we can go out and spread the 'good news' and used the Church activity provided by the Diocese of Austin. In Adult Faith we had speakers come to speak on the faith, as well as participating in the Catholicism Bible Study. As a whole parish after Mass once a month we passed out different materials. We passed out the Diocese of Austins family prayer book, bookmarks, magnets with ten ways to live your faith, and bracelets that reminded them to live their faith, and so on. Our Youth have been praying the Year of Faith prayer as a whole, and has started Bible Studies for the Middle and High School students. 


St. John the Evangelist - San Marcos

• On Sunday, Oct. 14th, all parish groups and ministries participated in a procession into the 9:30 AM Spanish Mass and 11:30 AM English Mass with banners to launch of the Year of Faith
• In both English and Spanish, the Prayer for the Year of Faith was included in the parish bulletin along with an explanation of the Year of Faith.
• Throughout the Year of Faith, in both English & Spanish, weekly parish bulletins included writings of the lives of men and women who have made the story of Salvation and who are written about in the Bible.
• Adult Continuous Education programs during the Year of Faith included Monthly Lecture Series Presentations, a Parish CD of the Month published by Lighthouse Catholic Media was sold at a cost of $3.00 available both in Spanish and English, as well as weekly presentations in Catholicism.
• Christ Renews His Parish and New Life Evangelization renewal weekends.
• Diocesan prayer books were sold after Spanish and English Masses.



St. Ignatius Martyr Parish - Austin

  1. We sponsored a three-evening series of lectures/listeners’ responses to the subject of the” Magnificent Influence of Vatican Council II upon the Universal and Local Churches.” - Parish Members Tom Windberg and Dr. Steve Rodenborn as well as Bishop John McCarthy, were the presenters each evening.
  2. We incorporated the Year of Faith into our weekly General Intercessions on Saturday evenings and Sundays.
  3. We featured the Year of Faith logo and message in our Parish bulletins and on our web.
  4. We used the attractive Year of Faith Prayer Service in our School as well as the Blessing of Catechists at all of our weekend Masses on the Catechetical Sunday weekend--- both items were from the USCCB Office page.
  5. We received good input about the Year of Faith on a regular basis in our Pastor’s weekly bulletin letter.
  6. We received and are in the process of activating “Good News People” with about 15 groups/150 adults who will start meeting this week or next week.
  7. We deliberately prayed for members of the many groups of people who are serving in the various ministries in our Parish.


St. Mary Parish - Brenham

We are having a door contest in the Religious Education Department. The children who come on Wednesday will decorate the classroom doors the children coming on Sunday will decorate the bulletin boards. The High School students will write a composition on what “My Faith means to Me”.



The year began on October 11, 2012, the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and 20th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and ends on November 24, 2013, the feast of Christ the King. This sacred time will provide Catholics locally and throughout the world a precious opportunity to celebrate, deepen and share the spiritual richness of their Catholic faith.