How to Sign up (pre-register) for an EIM Workshop

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To find the SCHEDULE OF EIM WORKSHOPS and/or to SIGN UP (pre-register) FOR A WORKSHOP

  1. Login to your EIM account in eAppsDB
    • Use the Alternate Login option if you forgot your User ID/password
    • If you have never submitted an EIM Application for Ministry, click here to register/create a new account in order to submit a new application (if you believe you have an EIM Application, and can't find it, do not create a new one - contact your parish/school EIM site administrator or the EIM Office for assistance in finding your existing account)
  2. Click on the Sign Up for a Workshop link (bottom right-hand side of your account page)
  3. Click the Sign Up button for the workshop you wish to attend



•Allow ample travel time to arrive before the session is scheduled to begin - late arrivals are not allowed to entrance to workshops that have started.
•Due to the nature of the topic, do not bring minor children to workshops. Childcare is not provided at workshops unless noted.
Attendance of the entire workshop is important and is required in order to receive credit.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about signing up for an EIM workshop:

  1. WHAT IF I don't have access to the internet - how do I access my EIM account to sign up for a workshop? Some applicants seek the assistance of friends or family members to access the internet and their EIM account or go to the library to use a public computer. If one of these is not an option, applicants can contact their parish/school EIM site administrator for assistance in signing up for a workshop. Applicants may also contact the EIM Office for assistance.
  2. WHAT IF I don't remember my User ID/password? There is an Alternate Login option available on the eAppsDB Login Page which asks for applicant's name/date of birth and one other piece of information provided by the applicant. If you can't find your EIM account using this option, contact your parish/school EIM site administrator for assistance.
  3. WHAT IF I don't have an EIM account? An EIM account is required for all persons employed in the diocese and all persons who serve in any ministry requiring EIM compliance. This account is where an applicant's workshop history is recorded - if there is no account, an applicant's workshop history may get lost and workshop attendance may need to be repeated.
  4. How do I create an EIM account? Click here for information about completing the EIM Application for Ministry, which creates the EIM account.
  5. What if I can't do an online application? It is perfectly fine to complete a paper EIM application - click here to find a paper copy of the application in English or Spanish. Once turned in to the parish/school or EIM Office this information will be entered into the EIM database to create applicant's EIM account. Once the application is submitted, a friend or family member may be able to assist in signing up for a workshop, or applicant may contact the parish/school EIM site administrator for assistance in selecting/signing up for a workshop.
  6. I did an application years ago but my account isn't there anymore - what do I do now? Once an application is completed AND submitted, the account is created and is never deleted, not even when an applicant moves or dies. Typically what has happened in these cases is the application was started, but never completed nor submitted and the incomplete account was deleted out of the database. IF APPLICANT'S NAME HAS CHANGED, before creating a new account applicant should check with the parish/school EIM site administrator to search for an existing account under a prior name.
  7. I've attended an EIM Workshop in the past, but it isn't showing up in my account - what now? As of August 2016 there is only one EIM Workshop for all persons required to be EIM compliant, whether it is the first or a subsequent workshop. No previous workshop needs to be recorded to attend an EIM Workshop.
  8. Back to workshop sign up, will I receive confirmation that I'm signed up? No, but applicants may login to their EIM account to verify they are signed up and to get workshop details such as date/time, address, etc.
  9. DO I HAVE TO HAVE AN ACCOUNT to go to a workshop - can I just 'show up'? Workshop attendance is never denied unless the session has reached a maximum number of attendees permitted or an attendee arrives after the session has begun. Applicants who attend a workshop prior to submitting an EIM application have additional steps to take to make sure they receive credit for workshop attendance. REMEMBER: An EIM account is required for any person serving in ministry. So, it is possible to attend a workshop prior to submitting the application, but it is not recommended as general practice, and you won't be able to serve in ministry until the application is submitted anyway.


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