Running on Faith: May God bless the parents of teenagers

By Shelley Metcalf
Catholic Spirit Staff

I looked at my children recently and realized I’m no longer the parent of “littles” –– they just turned 10 and 13. My son is taller than I am, and my daughter is catching up quickly. Lately there have been more moments of maturity during which we have some great conversations! Yes, we also have frustration, miscommunication and some yelling, but that’s life (in our house at least). 
What I particularly enjoy is that I find we are working more as a team (i.e. I’m not just a dictator barking orders). In fact, the other day as the three of us were working on a mountain of dirty dishes, my daughter stopped, smiled wide and proclaimed, “We sure do make a good team!” It made my day, and possibly my month, to hear her say that.
As most parents do, I wonder if I’m up to the task of raising teenagers. I get a little overwhelmed thinking about the hormones, the anger, the tears and the late nights that are to come. But when I do start to hyperventilate, I remember that it’s not just the three of us on this little team. We’ve got God on our side too –– he’s our coach, lead off batter, relief pitcher and Saviour!
I pray that my kids and I never forget that God is always in our midst, especially as we enter the teenage years and even as we wash all those dirty dishes.