The Friday E-Pistle (Feb. 17, 2017)

A message from Bishop Vásquez

Official appointment

  • Rev. Richard Tijerina, in residence at St. Louis Parish in Austin, effective Feb. 16, 2017.

Lumen Gentium 2017

Lumen Gentium 2017 will be June 20 at the Mayborn Center in Temple. Instructions on how to submit nominations will be sent to pastors next week. All nominations are due by March 31.

Lent 2017

The Worship Office now has the 2017 Lenten Overview available on their webpage.

Pastoral Plan update

With the season of Lent just around the corner, the Pastoral Plan microsite has information about a number of resources available, print and electronic, for you and your parishioners. Twenty-Third Publications offers wonderful booklets for the Lenten season as well as simple, affordable resources to nourish our Catholic faith, with several available in Spanish. Another excellent resource is "The Journey/El Camino" from Paulist Evangelization Ministries; it is designed to help Catholics deepen their personal relationship with Christ and encounter Jesus in their lives. The Faith in Action section of the Pastoral Plan site can be reprinted in your bulletins to encourage parishioners to use the Pastoral Plan to help them grow in their faith and encounter Christ.


Reflection question

Gospel meditation

Consider using the following meditation for the First Sunday of Lent (March 5):

  • Like us, Jesus faced temptation. Unlike our first parents and us, Jesus remained faithful to God rather than submitting to personal desires. Jesus chose to remain faithfully focused on God rather than turning in on himself to satisfy his physical appetites, to seek power or gain authority. Jesus received everything from God, His Father, and did not take anything. When we sin, we turn away from God. We take what appears good rather than remaining open to God. Through prayer, fasting and service, we strengthen our resistance to sin and increase our attention on God. What will be our prayer, fast and service be for Lent?
  • Como nosotros, Jesús se enfrentó a la tentación. A diferencia de nuestros primeros padres y de nosotros, Jesús se mantuvo fiel a Dios en lugar de entregarse a sus deseos personales. Jesús escogió permanecer fiel y se enfocó en Dios en lugar de voltear hacia si mismo para satisfacer sus apetitos físicos, para buscar poder o ganar autoridad. Jesús recibió todo de Dios, Su Padre, y no tomó nada. Cuando pecamos, nos alejamos de Dios, tomamos aquellos que en apariencia es bueno en lugar de permanecer abiertos a Dios.A través de la oración, el ayuno y el servicio, fortalecemos nuestra resistencia al pecado e incrementamos nuestra atención en Dios ¿Cuál será nuestra oración, ayuno y servicio para la Cuaresma?


Cedarbrake Catholic Retreat Center

RCIA retreat

The Rite of Christian Initiation retreat will be held at Cedarbrake Catholic Retreat Center in Belton March 25 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. This retreat will lead those journeying through the RCIA process to explore both our need for Christ and the meaning of Christ's resurrection for us and for the world. Cheryl Maxwell, former director of the diocesan Worship Office and retreat leader, will lead this retreat. The day will include prayer, music, spiritual talks, private reflection and fellowship. The cost is $25 and includes lunch. For more information, call (254) 780-2436 or visit


Catholic Charities of Central Texas

Know Your Rights

  • Catholic Charities of Central Texas, along with the Texas Here to Stay coalition, is co-hosting "Know Your Rights" presentations for individuals seeking immigration information. Two "Know Your Rights" presentations will be offered by St. Helen Parish in Georgetown on Sunday, Feb. 19, at 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.
  • Caridades Católicas del Centro de Texas junto con la coalición Texas No Nos Vamos (Texas Here to Stay en inglés), ofrecerá presentaciones "Conozca Sus Derechos" para individuos buscando información sobre inmigración. Dos presentaciones "Conozca Sus Derechos" serán ofrecidas en la Parroquia de St. Helen en Georgetown el domingo 19 de febrero a la 1 p.m. y a las 2:30 p.m.


Stewardship and Development

Catholic Services Appeal update

Thank you for your continued support and generosity to the Catholic Services Appeal. To date, we have received pledges from nearly 20,000 families totaling almost $5.6 million. Parishioners are encouraged to generously support the CSA.


Weekly notes

Bishop Vásquez’ prayer request

Please consider Bishop Vásquez’ prayer request for the First Sunday of Lent (March 5):

  • That by persevering this Lent in the traditions of prayer, fasting and service, we will grow in holiness and allow others to encounter God, through the grace of our discipleship, we pray…
  • Que, al perseverar esta Cuaresma en las tradiciones de la oración, el ayuno y el servicio, crezcamos en santidad y permitamos que otros encuentren a Dios a través de la gracia de nuestro discipulado, oremos...

Blessings and congratulations to …

The following priests on the anniversary of their ordination during the month of March:

  • Rev. Joseph Varickamackal, March 3, 1977
  • Rev. Jesus Ferras, ISP, March 6, 2004


Ethics and Integrity in Ministry

EIM Workshop

Click here to login to your EIM account in order to find the workshop schedule and Sign Up for a Workshop (bottom right of your account page). Instructions are provided in case you do not recall how to login to your EIM account. Please contact your parish or Catholic school EIM site administrator if you need assistance or if you do not have Internet access. For general information about EIM workshops, please click here.

EIM Workshops are scheduled by the EIM Office, coordinating with the EIM site administrator at parishes, schools and other diocesan agencies. Staff of any site wishing to host a workshop should coordinate with their EIM site administrator. If the site administrator has arranged workshop details with a facilitator, then an email to the EIM office with those details is sufficient to request a workshop; otherwise workshop requests should be made by the site administrator using the Workshop Request Table. EIM site administrators may direct inquiries about EIM workshop scheduling to Emily Hurlimann in the EIM Office at (512) 949-2447.

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