The Friday E-Pistle (June 3, 2016)

Pastoral Plan Update

The Core Team is meeting with diocesan directors and staff  to study Goal 2, Objective 2, “Build a culture of collaborative ministry throughout the diocese.” These discussions have been very energizing, well attended and are generating concrete ideas about how the diocesan offices can be more collaborative.

We are developing a special website for the Pastoral Plan and hope to unveil the page in August. The page will offer examples, ideas and links for parish communities and organizations to implement the Pastoral Plan.

Save the dates for the fall presentations by our bishops on the Pastoral Plan. They are Sept. 1, Bishop Vásquez’ presentation in Spanish; Sept. 15 Bishop Garcia’s presentation in Spanish; Sept. 20 Bishop Garcia’s presentation in English; and Oct. 11, Bishop Vásquez’ presentation in English. Locations are being finalized.

With the summer months upon us, now is a wonderful time to review the Pastoral Plan and determine the greatest needs for your community. The Core Team is always available to assist you in implementing the Plan in your parish. For more information, contact Charlene O'Connell


Reflection question

Gospel meditation

Consider using the following meditation for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 19):

  • Often we may just want to fit in and blend with the crowd. Are we recognizable Christian witnesses? Do others encounter Christ through us by our example and words? Are we clothed with Christ doing God’s will or do we follow our own desires when the path is difficult?
  • Con frecuencia sólo queremos encajar con los demás ¿Somos reconocibles como testigos Cristianos? ¿Encuentran los demás a Cristo a través de nosotros por nuestro ejemplo y palabra? ¿Hacemos la voluntad de Dios revestidos de Cristo o seguimos nuestros propios deseos cuando el camino es difícil?


Finance Office

Health insurance enrollment

The open enrollment period for health insurance will began May 31 and will end on June 24. During this time, an employee may enroll, add or drop coverage without a qualifying event. Dependent children are eligible until age 26 without student status. All changes made during this time period will be effective July 1, 2016.

All employees currently enrolled in the plan will automatically be enrolled unless they terminate coverage.

The average increase in costs for coverage is approximately 2 percent for all plans, with the exception of the High Deductible Plan for which there is no increase in premium. 

An informational meeting will be held at the diocesan Pastoral Center on Friday, June 17 at 2 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to answer questions and explain benefits. Please RSVP to Krystal Reyes. Attendance at meetings or completion of paperwork is not required unless employees wish to add, drop or make changes.


Weekly notes

Pope Francis’ prayer requests

Please consider Pope Francis' prayer requests for the month of June:

  • That the aged, marginalized, and those who have no one may find – even within the huge cities of the world – opportunities for encounter and solidarity …
  • Por que los ancianos, los marginalizados y aquellos que no tienen a nadie encuentren -incluso en las grandes ciudades del mundo- oportunidades para el encuentro y la solidaridad...
  • That seminarians and men and women entering religious life may have mentors who live the joy of the Gospel and prepare them wisely for their mission …
  • Por que los seminaristas, y hombres y mujeres que se encuentran ingresando a la vida religiosa tengan mentores que vivan el gozo del Evangelio y los preparen sabiamente para su misión...

Bishop Vásquez’ prayer request

Please consider Bishop Vásquez’ prayer request for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 19):

  • That having acknowledged Jesus as the Son of God, our lives would give witness to Him in all we do both in public and in private …
  • Por que, habiendo reconocido a Jesús como el Hijo de Dios, nuestras vidas den testimonio de Él en todo lo que hagamos, en público y en privado...


Ethics and Integrity in Ministry

EIM Basic and Refresher Workshops

Click here to login to your EIM account in order to find the workshop schedule and Sign Up for a Workshop (bottom right of your account page). Instructions are provided in case you do not recall how to login to your EIM account. Please contact your parish or Catholic school EIM site administrator if you need assistance or if you do not have Internet access. For general information about EIM workshops, please click here.

EIM Basic and Refresher Workshops are scheduled by the EIM Office, coordinating with the EIM site administrator at parishes, schools and other diocesan agencies. Staff of any site wishing to host a workshop should coordinate with their EIM site administrator. If the site administrator has arranged workshop details with a facilitator, then an email to the EIM office with those details is sufficient to request a workshop; otherwise workshop requests should be made by the site administrator using the Workshop Request Table. EIM site administrators may direct inquiries about EIM workshop scheduling to Emily Hurlimann in the EIM Office at (512) 949-2447.

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