The Friday E-Pistle (May 16, 2014)

A message from Bishop Vásquez

Pastoral Plan update

The reports from the listening sessions, the surveys, the priests’ interviews and surveys are all being analyzed by Essential Conversations. As they review the collected data, please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide them in this process. Summaries will be presented to the Pastoral Plan Steering Committee on May 31. Through a prayerful discernment process, this committee will review the summaries looking for common elements and themes that could become the components of our new pastoral plan. For more information about my hopes and dreams for this plan's impact on our diocese, please see the Bishop's Interview in this month’s edition of the Catholic Spirit.

If you would like to receive updates about the plan, please sign up on the diocesan website for regular messages.

General intercessions for the Pastoral Plan

The diocese asks pastors to include the following prayer intentions for the Pastoral Plan at upcoming Masses:

  • For the continued efforts to develop a new diocesan Pastoral Plan: May the Holy Spirit continue to guide our leadership (and diocese) to fulfill Christ’s mission …
  • Oremos por el continuo esfuerzo para desarrollar un nuevo Plan Pastoral diocesano: Para que el Espíritu Santo guíe a nuestros líderes (y a la Diócesis) en el cumplimiento de la misión de Cristo …
  • For our new diocesan Pastoral Plan: May its fruits sustain the poor, give hope to the sick, comfort the suffering, provide strength to the family, inspire us to action, welcome our distant brothers and sisters and in doing so, bring greater glory to you …
  • Oremos por nuestro nuevo Plan Pastoral diocesano: Para que sus frutos sostengan a los pobres, den esperanza a los enfermos, consuelen a los que sufren, ayuden a fortalecer a la familia, nos inspiren a la acción, y den la bienvenida a nuestros hermanos y hermanas separados y, al hacerlo, sirvan para dar mayor gloria a Dios …

Special Collection: May 24-25

On the weekend of May 24-25 all parishes in the Diocese of Austin are to take up a special collection for the Archdiocese for the Military Services. The following announcement should be read before all Masses that weekend:

  • A special collection will be taken up in this Mass to support the Archdiocese for the Military Services. The Archdiocese provides the Catholic Church's full range of pastoral ministries and spiritual services to those in the U.S. Armed Forces. Please be generous in your support of this worthy cause.
  • Una colecta especial se llevará a cabo en esta Misa para apoyar a la Arquidiócesis para los Servicios Militares. La Arquidiócesis para los Servicios Militares provee a aquellos en las Fuerzas Armadas de Estados Unidos de todos los servicios espirituales y ministerios pastorales. Por favor sea generoso en su apoyo a esta valiosa causa. 


Reflection question

Gospel Meditation

Please consider using the following meditation for the Ascension (June 1):

  • Today’s Gospel is the conclusion of the book of Matthew. In his final commandment he tells us to baptize and to teach. How do you teach the faith to your family and friends? Is there a way you can help the religious education department at your parish?
  • El Evangelio de hoy es la conclusión del libro de Mateo. En su mandamiento final Él nos dice que bauticemos y enseñemos ¿Cómo enseña sobre la fe a su familia y amigos? ¿Hay alguna manera en la que usted pueda ayudar al departamento de educación religiosa en su parroquia?


Catholic Schools

Catholic School Leadership Information Session

Dr. John T. James, associate professor and director of Catholic Educational Programs at St. Louis University, will present an information session about the doctoral and master’s degree programs in Catholic School Leadership. The session is scheduled for June 7, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. at the diocesan Pastoral Center. The information session is for those persons already in Catholic school leadership or are considering a career in Catholic school leadership. If there is a group of 12 or more students; classes will be held in Austin.  If you plan to attend the information session, please RSVP to Dr. Ned Vanders, superintendent of Catholic Schools.


Young Adult Ministry

Theology on Tap

Matt Rice will discuss discipleship at Theology on Tap on June 3 at Casa Chapala, 9041 Research Blvd. in Austin. Music begins at 6 p.m. and his presentation begins at 7 p.m. For more information, contact Jennifer Kodysz at (512) 949-2467.


Pro-Life Activities and Chaste Living

Natural Family Planning Class in Spanish

  • A Spanish Creighton Model Natural Family Planning introduction class will be offered at St. Helen Parish in Georgetown on May 19 at 7 p.m. For more information or to register, call (512) 474-2757.
  • Una clase introductoria al Modelo Creighton de Planificación Familiar Natural será ofrecida en la Parroquia de St. Helen en Georgetown el día 19 de mayo a las 7:00 pm. Para mayor información o para registrarse llame al (512) 474-2757.

Austin Prayer Vigil

Prayer angels meet the third Saturday of the month for the Austin Prayer Vigil to show their respect for life. Everyone is invited to join the next Prayer Vigil on May 17 at 7 a.m. at St. Anthony Marie de Claret Parish in Kyle. Contact Paul Kroschewsky at (512) 799-3073 for more information.

Killeen Prayer Vigil

Prayer angels meet the fourth Saturday of the month for the Killeen Prayer Vigil to show their respect for life. Everyone is invited to join the next Prayer Vigil on May 24 at 7 a.m. at St. Joseph Parish in Killeen. Contact Karen Hinze at (254) 931-3700 for more information.

Gabriel Angel Training – Save-the-Date

On Saturday, June 28, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Austin will host a Gabriel Project Angel training. Class will begin at 9 a.m. and will include lunch and materials. For more information on becoming a Gabriel Angel or to register, contact Briana Feiler at (512) 949-2488.


Weekly notes

Bishop Vásquez’ prayer intention

Please consider using the following meditation for the Ascension (June 1):

  • For all graduates that they will use the knowledge they have learned to spread the joy of the Gospel through their words and actions …
  • Por todos los que se gradúan para que usen el conocimiento que han aprendido para difundir el gozo del Evangelio a través de sus palabras y acciones…

Blessings and congratulations to …

The following priests on the anniversary of their ordination during the month of June: Rev. Hector Vega, ISP, June 1, 1974; Rev. Karel Fink, June 1, 1991; Rev. Harry Dean Jr., June 1, 1996; Rev. Bernard Nguyen Hung, June 1, 1997; Rev. Lawrence Soler, TOR, June 2, 1955; Rev. Paul McCallum, June 2, 1962; Rev. James McDonough, OP, June 2, 1962; Rev. George Tzanakas, June 2, 1962; Rev. Cyril Ngbede Ejaidu, June 3, 1995; Rev. David Konderla, June 3, 1995; Rev. Stephen Nesrsta, June 3, 1995; Rev. Ernesto Elizondo, June 3, 2000; Rev. Paul Kasun, OSB, June 4, 1994; Rev. Larry Stehling, June 4, 1988; Msgr. John A. McCaffrey, June 5, 1976; Rev. Le-Minh Pham, June 5, 1993; Rev. Frank Zlotkowski, CSC, June 6, 1976; Rev. Joel D. McNeil, June 6, 1987; Rev. Christopher Downey, June 6, 2009; Rev. Justin Minh Nguyen, June 6, 2009; Rev. Uche Obikwelu, June 6, 2009; Rev. Jonathan Raia, June 6, 2009; Rev. Will Straten, June 6, 2009; Msgr. Mark Deering, June 7, 1953; Rev. Harold Essling, CSC, June 8, 1978; Rev. Larry Covington, June 8, 1985; Rev. James Deaconson, June 8, 1985; Rev. Adam Martinez, June 8, 1985; Rev. Gregory McLaughlin, June 8, 1985; Rev. Richard Tijerina, June 8, 1985; Very Rev. Albert Laforet, Jr., June 8, 2002; Rev. Augustine Ariwaodo, June 8, 2013; Rev. Jason Bonifazi, June 8, 2013; Rev. Alex Caudillo, June 8, 2013; Rev. Barry Cuba, June 8, 2013; Rev. Tim Nolt, June 8, 2013; Msgr. Oliver Johnson, June 9, 1962; Rev. James Ekeocha, June 9, 2007; Rev. James Misko, June 9, 2007; Rev. Patricio Rodriguez, ISP, June 9, 2007; Rev. Brion Zarsky, June 9, 2007; Rev. David Trahan, June 9, 2012; Rev. Uchechukwu Andeh, June 9, 2012; Rev. Ryan Higdon, June 9, 2012; Rev. Kurtis Wiedenfeld, June 9, 2012; Rev. Peter J. Walsh, CSC, June 10, 1989; Rev. Alberto Borruel, June 10, 2006; Rev. John Guzaldo, June 10, 2006; Rev. Howard Goertz, June 11, 1977; Rev. Ron Feather, June 11, 2011; Rev. Paul Hudson, June 11, 2011; Rev. Patrick Ebner, June 12, 2004; Rev. Brian Eilers, June 12, 2004; Rev. Efrain Villanueva, June 12, 2004; Msgr. Joseph Deane, June 14, 1959; Rev. Robert Becker, June 16, 1979; Rev. Joseph Geleney, June 16, 2001; Rev. Brian McMaster, June 16, 2001; Rev. Jozef Musiol, SDS, JCD, June 17, 1972; Rev. Celso Yu, MF, June 20, 1992; Rev. Patrick Coakley, MSC, June 21, 1986; Rev. Raphael Clancy, June 22, 1974; Msgr. Ronny Jenkins, June 24, 1989; Rev. César Jaime Guzman Diaz, June 24, 1996; Rev. Gerald Smith, June 26, 1965; Rev. Aloysius Nzekwe, MSP, June 26, 2004; Rev. Ed Frazer, SS, MA, STL, June 27, 1961; Rev. Basil Aguzie, MSP, June 27, 1998; Rev. Michael Ajewole, MSP, June 29, 1996 and Bishop Joe S. Vásquez, June 30, 1984.


Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM)

Upcoming EIM Basic and Refresher Workshops

EIM Basic and Refresher Workshops are scheduled on a quarterly basis by the EIM Office, coordinating with the EIM site administrator at parishes, schools and other diocesan agencies. Staff of any site wishing to host a workshop must coordinate with their EIM site administrator. The EIM site administrator should make all workshop requests on the Workshop Request Table. Additional workshops will not be added to the EIM workshop calendar unless the EIM Office determines a particular need. EIM site administrators may direct inquiries about EIM workshop scheduling to Emily Hurlimann or Colleen Schiller in the EIM Office at (512) 949-2400.

For general information about EIM Basic or Refresher workshops, please click here.

Anyone needing an EIM workshop will sign up online through their EIM account. The sign-up process is explained once you access your EIM account; please contact your parish or Catholic school EIM site administrator if you need assistance or if you do not have Internet access.

Click here to login to your EIM account in order to find the schedule of EIM workshops and to sign up. Instructions are provided in case you do not recall how to login to your EIM account.

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